Revision Rhinoplasty

After 6-9 months of a nose job, if desired aesthetics or functional results are not obtained, “revision rhinoplasty” may become a current issue. Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure done to correct dissatisfaction or deformities following primary or secondary rhinoplasty surgery.

Revision Rhinoplasty is a vastly complex procedure than primary rhinoplasty, due to the disruption of natural anatomic structure and the cartilage which is used for remodeling had already used in the primary surgery. Thus, additional cartilage may be needed for the revision rhinoplasty. In such cases, patient’s ear lap or rib can be a good source. Cartilage taken from a cadaver may be used alternatively. Cartilages taken from cadavers are processed with special techniques, thereby they do not cause an incompatibility within the body.

Keep in mind that regardless how problematic your nose is, desired aesthetics and functional correction can be ensured with the revision surgeries which is done with a great deal of precision and right technique.

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine in 2009. He studied at Pamukkale University Department of Anatomy for a while. He completed his medical speciality in Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at Celal Bayar University in 2014.

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